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Meet Chef Gaetano...

Gaetano “Guy” Cannata


Chef Gaetano's extensive knowledge of Sicilian cuisine comes from his tight-knit Sicilian neighborhood in New Jersey, where his family’s home was often the gathering place for friends and relatives to bond over the elaborate meals prepared by Cannata’s father.


After moving to Florida, Cannata honed his culinary skills in local restaurants while furthering his career as an educator. He was eager to fufill the dream of sharing his unique cuisine with others.


In 2007 he did so in his own way by converting a charming cottage in Bradenton’s Village of the Arts into “Ortygia”.  Here, Chef Gaetano serves up “Monzu” cuisine, a hybrid of Sicilian-French cooking that datesback to Napoleon’s time.



Chef Gaetano embraces the diverse culinary influences found in Sicilian cuisine, including Arab, Greek, Spanish and North-African.


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